VAM-HRI 2021 Program

  • March 8 | 12:00 PM MT
  • Intro and Logistics
    12:00 PM MT
  • Keynote: Ethical Debt and the Technical Imagination
    12:10 PM MT | 20 min

    Casey Fiesler is an assistant professor and founding faculty in the Department of Information Science at University of Colorado Boulder, where she researches and teaches in the areas of technology ethics and policy, as well as social computing. Her work on research ethics for data science, ethics education in computing, and broadening participation in computing is supported by the National Science Foundation, as well as Mozilla and Omidyar Network as part of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge. She holds a PhD from Georgia Tech in Human-Centered Computing and a JD from Vanderbilt University Law School.
    Casey Fiesler

    Assistant Professor University of Colorado Boulder

    Home Lab
  • Keynote Q&A
    12:30 PM MT | 20 min

    Interactive Q&A session with Casey, the organizers, and the audience.

  • Break / Social
    12:50 PM MT | 10 min
  • Lightning Talks #1
    1:00 PM MT | 30 min
  • Paper #1: HAIR: Head-mounted AR Intention Recognition
    David Puljiz, Bowen Zhou, Ke Ma, & Björn Hein
  • Paper #2: Defining Preferred and Natural Robot Motions in Immersive Telepresence from a First-Person Perspective
    Katherine J Mimnaugh, Markku Suomalainen, Israel Becerra, Eliezer Lozano, Rafael Murrieta, & Steven LaValle
  • Paper #3: You Have Time to Explore Over Here!: Augmented Reality for Enhanced Situation Awareness in Human-Robot Collaborative Exploration
    Terran Mott, Thomas Williams, Hao Zhang, & Christopher Reardon
  • Paper #4: Semi-Autonomous Planning and Visualization in Virtual Reality
    Gregory LeMasurier, Jordan Allspaw, & Holly Yanco
  • Paper #5: CoBot Studio VR: A Virtual Reality Game Environment for Transdisciplinary Research on Interpretability and Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration
    Martina Mara, Kathrin Meyer, Michael Heiml, Horst Pichler, Roland Haring, Brigitte Krenn, Stephanie Gross, Bernhard Reiterer, & Thomas Layer-Wagner
  • Keynote:
    1:30 PM MT | 20 min

    Paromita Mitra works at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Human Interface Branch and Avionics Systems Division as the Principal Investigator for the Joint Augmented Reality Visual Informatics System project. Her team builds the displays and controls for NASA’s next-generation lunar spacesuit – the xEMU. Her research encompasses graphical displays, optical systems, augmented reality, and developing a heads-up display helmet apparatus to aid in astronaut performance, cognitive workload, and user experience. She has held positions working as an engineer on F-35 engines, designing Earth science satellites, and analyzing human psycho-physiology & cognitive behavior for software development. Paromita holds a master’s & bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Mississippi State University.
    Paromita Mitra

    Principal Investigator at NASA

  • Keynote Q&A
    1:50 PM MT | 20 min

    Interactive Q&A session with Paromita, the organizers, and the audience.

  • Break / Social
    2:10 PM MT | 10 min
  • Lightning Talks #2
    2:20 PM MT | 30 min
  • Paper #6: Exploring Behavioral Anthropomorphism With Robots in Virtual Reality
    Chinmay P Wadgaonkar, Johannes Freischuetz, Akshaya Agrawal, & Heather Knight
  • Paper #7: Manipulation Assist for Teleoperation in VR
    Christian Michael Barentine, Andrew McNay, Ryan Pfaffenbichler, Addyson Smith, Eric Rosen, & Elizabeth Phillips
  • Paper #8: Virtual Shadow Rendering for Maintaining Situation Awareness in Proximal Human-Robot Teaming
    Andrew Boateng & Yu Zhang
  • Paper #9: An AR Debugging Tool for Robotics Programmers
    Bryce Ikeda & Daniel Szafir
  • Paper #10: Towards Making Virtual Human-Robot Interaction a Reality
    Padraig Higgins*, Gaoussou Youssouf Kebe*, Adam Berlier*, Kasra Darvish, Don Engel, Francis Ferraro, & Cynthia Matuszek*
  • Breakouts for Paper Q&A
    2:50 PM MT | 35 min

    Breakout sessions within the 3 groups of:
    Room 1: Mixed Reality (Papers 1,2,9)
    Room 2: Virtual Reality (Papers 4,5,7,10)
    Room 3: Virtual Reality for Teleoperation(Papers 3,6,8)

  • Closing
    3:25 PM MT | 5 min
  • Memories from last year

    These are recordings from VAM-HRI 2020. Unfortunately, the first session recordings were corrupted for VAM-HRI 2020. But you can find the details of the program here and follow the blow by blow account here.