VAM-HRI 2023 Program

Lightning Talk Info:

  • 8 minute talk
  • 15 minute group Q&A
  • Visuals (videos/gifs/images) are recommended
  • We recommend you include a slide about feedback you would like from listeners at the workshop
  • Workshop Info:

  • Conference Venue: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2 118 25 STOCKHOLM
  • Workshop Room: Mälarsalen
  • March 13 | 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM CET
  • Intro + Meet someone new!
    9:00 AM CET | 15 min
  • Keynote + Q&A:
    9:15 AM CET | 45 min

    Cynthia's work focuses on the problem of grounded language acquisition: extracting semantically meaningful representations of human language by mapping those representations to the noisy, unpredictable physical world in which robots operate. Cynthia combines robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning to build systems that non-specialists can instruct, control, and interact with intuitively and naturally.
    Cynthia Matuszek

    Assistant Professor at UMBC

  • Lightning Talk Group 1 + QA
    10:00 AM CET | 60 min
  • Paper #3: AR-Based UI for Improving IO Setup in Robot Deployment Process
    Oliver Beyer Lauritsen, Jonas Andersen, Krzysztof Zielinski, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
  • Paper #7: Hear Here: Sonification as a Design Strategy for Robot Teleoperation Using Virtual Reality
    Joe Simmons, Alison Bown, Paul Bremner, Verity McIntosh, Tom Mitchell
  • Paper #1: Helping Humans Become Better Teachers for Robots with Augmented Reality
    Andre Cleaver, Jivko Sinapov
  • Paper #5: Operator Identification in a VR-Based Robot Teleoperation Scenario Using Head, Hands, and Eyes Movement Data
    Nicklas Ritola, Alberto Giaretta, Andrey Kiselev
  • Paper #17: Towards a Gaze-Driven Assistive Neck Exoskeleton via Virtual Reality Data Collection
    Jordan Thompson, Haohan Zhang, Daniel S. Brown
  • Morning Coffee Break
    11:00 AM CET | 30 min
  • Lightning Talk Group 2 + QA
    11:30 AM CET | 60 min

  • Paper #4: Comparing Dashboard and Virtual Reality Wizard-of-Oz Setups in a Human-Robot Conversational Task
    Jura Miniotaite, Ekaterina Torubarova, André Pereira
  • Paper #12: Interaction Design of the Mixed Reality Application for Deaf Children
    Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Azamat Kenzhekhan, Sultan Omirbayev, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Alfarabi Imashev, Anara Sandygulova
  • Paper #6: RobARtics: Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Robotics Competitions
    Bernardo Marques, João Alves, Eurico Pedrosa, Renato Cabral, Samuel Silva, Beatriz Sousa Santos
  • Paper #18: Towards Encountered-Type Haptic Interaction for Immersive Bilateral Telemanipulation
    Yaesol Kim, Sara Anastasi, Nikhil Deshpande
  • Paper #8: Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality in Human Robot Interaction: Insights for User Studies
    Eleonora Zodo, Katja Gallhuber, Setareh Zafari, Jaison Puthenkalam, Andreas Sackl, Manfred Tscheligi
  • Lunch Break
    12:30 PM CET | 60 min
  • Panel
    1:45 PM CET | 60 min
    Cynthia Matuszek

    Assistant Professor at UMBC

    Bastian Orthmann

    Interaction Designer

    Srinath Sridhar

    Assistant Professor at Brown University

    Tom Williams

    Associate Professor at Colorado School of Mines

  • Short break
    2:45 PM CET | 15 min

  • Lightning Talk Group 3 + QA
    3:00 PM CET | 60 min

  • Paper #14: Comparing Performance between Different Implementations of ROS for Unity
    Jordan Allspaw, Gregory LeMasurier, Holly Yanco
  • Paper #19: Effective of Environment-Aware AR Interfaces on Task Performance in a Workspace Setting
    Nattaon Techasarntikul, Koichi Owaki, Hideyuki Shimonishi
  • Paper #2: First Encounters with a Robot: The Value of Augmented Reality when Learning about Mobile Robots
    Andre Cleaver, Victoria Chen, Jivko Sinapov
  • Paper #9: Lessons from a Small-Scale Robot Joining Experiment in VR
    Padraig Higgins, Ryan Barron, Donald Engel, Cynthia Matuszek
  • Paper #10: MOTH: Moving Object Tracking via Head-Mounted Displays
    Fabian Bösing, David Puljiz, Björn Hein
  • Paper #11: Testing Human-Robot Interaction in Virtual Reality: Experience from a Study on Speech Act Classification
    Sara Kaszuba, Sandeep Reddy Sabbella, Francesco Leotta, Pascal Serrarens, Daniele Nardi
  • Evening Coffee Break
    4:00 PM CET | 30 min
  • Lightning Talk Group 4 + QA
    4:30 PM CET | 60 min
  • Paper #21: A Text Mining Analysis of Digital Twins for HRI
    Fanta Camara
  • Paper #16: DARA: A Dynamic Augmented Reality Architecture for Human-Robot Interaction
    Brennan Patrick Miller-Klugman, Jivko Sinapov, Andre Cleaver
  • Paper #13: Improving Human Legibility in Collaborative Robot Tasks through Augmented Reality and Workspace Preparation
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Matthew B Luebbers, Alessandro Roncone, Bradley Hayes
  • Paper #20: PhysicalTwin: Mixed Reality Interaction Environment for AI-Supported Assistive Robots
    Max Pascher, Kirill Kronhardt, Jens Gerken
  • Paper #15: Spatial Augmented Reality User Interface for Assistive Robot Manipulation
    Alexander Ivanov Wilkinson, Amelia Sinclaire, Holly Yanco
  • Closing
    5:30 PM CET | 30 min