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Submissions are single-blind review and do not need to be anonymized.

(Updated) Submissions will close Feb. 18, 2022 @ 11:59pm UTC-12 (AOE). If you have trouble submitting, feel free to email the organizers.

(Updated) Notification of Acceptance: Feb 24

The 5th International Workshop on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality for Human-Robot Interaction (VAM-HRI) will bring together HRI, robotics, and mixed reality researchers to address challenges in mixed reality interactions between humans and robots. Topics relevant to the workshop include development of robots that can interact with humans in mixed reality, use of virtual reality for developing interactive robots, the design of augmented reality interfaces that mediate communication between humans and robots, social applications for virtual and mixed reality in HRI, the investigations of mixed reality interfaces for robot learning, comparisons of the capabilities and perceptions of robots and virtual agents, and best design practices. Special topics of interest this year include VAM-HRI research during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ethical implications of VAM-HRI research. VAM-HRI 2022 will follow on the success of VAM-HRI 2018-21 and advance the cause of this nascent research community.

VAM-HRI accepts both EXTENDED ABSTRACTS (2-4 page papers presenting completed, current, or proposed work) and FULL PAPERS (5-8 page papers presenting novel work). References do not count towards total page count. Papers posted online without prior peer review (e.g., already posted on ArXiv as a preprint but not already accepted into another venue) can be submitted.

Papers will undergo mutual review; as such, authors of submitted papers will be expected to provide a small number of reviews for fellow authors.

All accepted papers will be accompanied by talks and/or poster presentations and will be archived on the workshop website.

All communication during the workshop will take place on a Slack channel.

VAM-HRI 2022 is looking to follow on the success of the last three years, and welcomes contributions on topics including but not limited to:

· AR-based intent communication
· AR-based behavior explanation
· Social applications for VAM-HRI
· AR/VR for robot testing and diagnostics
· AR/VR for robot learning
· VR for HRI human-subject experimentation
· Mixed-reality language grounding
· AR-augmented natural language generation
· AR-enabled robot control
· AR/VR for safety around robots
· Architectures for AR/VR-based HRI
· Computational modeling within AR/VR-based HRI
· AR/VR for expanding social interactions
· VAM-HRI research in the time of COVID-19
· Social and ethical implications of VAM for HRI

Please note that some double blind conferences (e.g., HRI itself) may consider a preprint online as violating the double blind process leading to a desk reject. Please double check the policy if you plan to submit a "conference/journal ready" paper to one of these venues in the future. Most single-blind (e.g., RO-MAN/ICRA) have been completely fine submitting papers that were preprint versions accepted into this workshop.