VAM-HRI 2022 Program

Lightning Talk Info:

  • 5 minutes
  • Q&A will be during the breakouts sessions (not during the talks session)
  • Visuals (videos/gifs/images) are recommended
  • Include a slide about feedback you would like from people at the workshop
  • VAM-HRI Virtual Design Element Taxonomy

    This year's papers were grouped using the new VAM-HRI Virtual Design Element Taxonomy "Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality for Human-Robot Interaction: A Survey and Virtual Design Element Taxonomy" that was designed by past and present chairs of the VAM-HRI Workshop.

  • March 7 | 8:00 AM PST
  • Intro and Logistics
    8:00 AM PST
  • Keynote + Q&A: Differentiable Rendering for Scene Reconstruction and VR Teleoperation
    8:10 AM PST | 45 min

    James Tompkin is an assistant professor at Brown University.
    James Tompkin

    Assistant Professor Brown University

    Home Lab
  • Break / Buffer
    8:55 AM PT | 5 min
  • Lightning Talks Session 0
    9:00 AM PST | 40 min
  • Group 0A: Robot Comprehension Visualizations (Task) - Manipulation
  • Paper #16: When And Where Are You Going? A Mixed-Reality Framework for Human Robot Collaboration
    Shubham Sonawani and Heni Amor
  • Paper #8: Investigating Explainable Human-Robot Interaction with Augmented Reality
    Chao Wang and Anna Belardinelli
  • Paper #10: AR Robot Motion Intent Communication in Collaborative Assembly: Presentation of a Study Concept
    Tobias Keller, Frederik Götze, Valerie Varney, and Anja Richert
  • Group 0B: Robot Comprehension Visualizations (Task) - Navigation
  • Paper #14: Augmented Reality-Based Explainable AI Strategies for Establishing Appropriate Reliance and Trust in Human-Robot Teaming
    Matthew B Luebbers, Aaquib Tabrez, and Bradley Hayes
  • Paper #5: Designing a User Study for Comparing 2D and VR Human-in-the-Loop Robot Planning Interfaces
    Gregory LeMasurier, Jordan Allspaw,Murphy Wonsick, James Tukpah, Taskin Padir, Holly Yanco, and Elizabeth Phillips
  • Group 0C: Virtual Entities - Robots and Environmental - Digital Twins
  • Paper #15: Virtual Reality Digital Twin and Environment for Troubleshooting Lunar-based Infrastructure Assembly Failures
    Phaedra Curlin, Madaline Muniz, Mason Bell, Alexis Muniz, and Jack Burns
  • Paper #7: Towards Robust Exocentric Mobile Robot Tele-Operation in Mixed Reality
    Ke Li, Reinhard Bacher, Wim Leemans, and Frank Steinicke
  • Lightning Talk Session 0 Breakouts
    9:40 AM PST | 30 min

  • Break
    10:10 AM PST | 10 min
  • Lightning Talks Session 1
    10:20 AM PST | 40 min
  • Group 1A: Theory - Interaction
  • Paper #13: Head Pose as a Proxy for Gaze in Virtual Reality
    Padraig Higgins, Ryan Barron, and Cynthia Matuszek
  • Paper #11: Learning Robot Motor Skills with Mixed Reality
    Eric Rosen, Sreehari Rammohan, and Devesh K. Jha
  • Group 1B: Theory - Technical
  • Paper #6: Towards Foveated Rendering For Immersive Remote Telerobotics
    Yonas Teodros Tefera, Dario Mazzanti, Sara Anastasi, Darwin Caldwell, Paolo Fiorini, and Nikhil Deshpande
  • Paper #3: Inside-out Infrared Marker Tracking via Head Mounted Displays for Smart Robot Programming
    David Puljiz, Alexandru George Vasilache, Michael Mende, and Björn Hein
  • Group 1C: Virtual Alterations - Morphological - Body Extensions and Form Transformations
  • Paper #12: Augmented Reality Appendages for Robots: Design Considerations and Recommendations for Maximizing Social and Functional Perception
    İpek Göktan, Karen Ly, Thomas Roy Groechel, and Maja Matarić
  • Paper #9: Towards an Understanding of Physical vs Virtual Robot Appendage Design
    Zhao Han, Albert Phan, Amia Castro, Fernando Sandoval Garza, and Thomas Williams
  • Paper #4:Prototyping Mixed Reality Large Screen Mobile Telepresence Robots
    Ian Gonsher, Yuxin Han, Karthik Desingh, and Aaron Gokaslan
  • Lightning Talk Session 1 Breakouts
    11:00 AM PST | 30 min

  • Full Group Discussion
    11:30 AM PST | 25 min

  • Closing
    11:55 PM PST | 5 min